Meet the Federation Staff


Telephone: (805) 957-1115

Fax: (805) 957-9230


Michael S. Rassler, x111

Executive Director


Marcie Mendoza, x101

First Impression Specialist


Susan Lambrose, x119

Clinical Services and Senior Programs Coordinator, Jewish Family Service


Pam Rice, x120



Ruby Vargeson, x112

Financial Resource Development (FRD) Administrator


Briana Sapp Tivey, x114

Marketing & Communications Manager


Jilli Spear, x107

Women's Division, Financial Resource Development (FRD), and Young Adult Division (YAD) Coordinator


Ruth Steinberg, MAJC, LCSW, x123

Director, Jewish Family Service & Portraits of Survival and Up-standers Exhibits

Children & Family Programs Coordinator


Mike Witt, x103

Volunteer Services Coordinator and Building Manager