8 2021

Chronic Pain Therapy Group

2:30PM - 3:30PM  


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This group is an opportunity for those who have chronic (persistent) pain, to look at their pain from a psychosocial lens, integrating some of the most current neuroscience and therapeutic interventions in pain treatment. The group blends psychoeducation, resources, community support, and behavioral homework in order to help those in chronic pain break free from their struggle. Facilitated by Josh Kohansamad, MFT Trainee with Susan Lambrose, LMFT.

Josh Kohansamad is an MFT trainee at Antioch University. He has been formally trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which has been shown in studies to help individuals move past their symptoms and live a meaningful life. He has also spent several years studying the work of Dr. Lorimer Moseley, one of the world's leading pain neuroscientists, from the University of South Australia. Josh, too, had debilitating chronic pain for over four years but has used psychotherapeutic techniques and principles to outgrow his pain and regain his life.

For more information, contact Josh Kohansamad at joshk@sbjf.org.