Charitable Gift Annuity 

A charitable gift annuity is a contract between you and your federation foundation that provides you and/or another person with an income for life. In exchange for your irrevocable transfer of cash or marketable securities, you or the beneficiary will be paid a fixed sum each year for life. 

At the expiration of benefits, you have left a permanent legacy as a link to our people's continuous tradition of tzedakah and klal Yisrael.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Income stream of fixed annual amount
  • Tax deduction for the gift portion
  • Can be used to establish an unrestricted gift or a designated gift
  • Assets can be used by your Federation endowment fund after your lifetime
  • Simple giving instrument


How to Begin

For more information about how planned giving and legacy opportunities can work for you, your family, and your community call Michael S. Rassler at (805) 957-1115, or your personal financial advisor today.


Disclaimer: the Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara Planned Giving and Endowment does not provide legal advice. Donors are encouraged to seek independent tax and legal counsel.