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A Sabbath Message: Month of Elul Dawns with Mindfulness & Self-Forgiveness

“Human, rise above, rise, because a fierce strength is part of you, wings of spirit animate you; the powerful wings of an eagle. Don’t deny your wings, seek them. Seek them, human, and they will be revealed to you, promptly.”

– Abraham Isaac Kook, “Rav Kook,” a father of Religi…

A Sabbath Message: Sh’ma – The Importance of Truly Listening

“Listening is a profound affirmation of the humanity of the other. A leader is one who knows how to listen: to the unspoken cry of others and to the still, small voice of God.”

– Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (1948-2020)

With the arrival of Sabbath this evening, this week’s Torah porti…

A Sabbath Message: Tisha B’Av – The Jewish Journey of Mourning

“Al naharot Bavel, sham yashavnu, gam bachinu, b’chochreynu et Tziyon.”
“By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat and also wept, as we remembered Zion.”

– Book of Psalms, 137: 1   

Sabbath’s arrival this week comes during a time of communal mourning, the “Nine Days of the …

A Sabbath Message: A Story of Bold Women in the Bible

“The Divine spirit is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved.
The Divine One will help her when the morning dawns.”

– Book of Psalms, 46:6

This week, under a new moon, the month of Tammuz moves to the auspicious month of Av upon the arrival of Sabbath. Other transitions als…

A Sabbath Message: What Is Your American Story?

“What strikes me as a visitor to this country is the joyous, positive attitude to life – the smiles on the faces of the people is symbolic of one of America’s greatest assets, a friendly, confident, optimistic land. More emphasis is laid on the ‘we’ than the ‘I.’”

– From A…