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A Sabbath Message: Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other

“Whoever saves a single life, saves the entire world.”  – The Talmud

Sabbath arrives again…our weekly opportunity provided by our tradition to take a break and a breath…strange perhaps, especially when our days seem to run together and feel so similar. As this pandemic continues…

A Sabbath Message: Choosing Gratitude

"If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude – a feeling that nurtures the soul." — Rabbi Harold Kushner

As Sabbath arrives again, I remember a quote from Albert Einstein: “In the middle o…

A Sabbath Message: Hashiveinu & Finding Personal Peace

“Spread over us the shelter of your peace…
Shield us and remove from us every enemy, plague, sword, famine and sorrow…”

– Hashiveinu Prayer, from Sabbath Liturgy

As Shabbat approaches, we acknowledge that the continued days and weeks at home remain a challenge. And yet we know …

A Sabbath Message: Staying the Course

“Community is society with a human face—the place where we know we’re not alone.”

— Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Former Chief Rabbi of the UK and current Member of Parliament

For this first Sabbath following Passover, I …

A Passover Prayer For 2020-5780: A Most Unusual Year

Tonight as the sun sets…we continue the unbroken chain of the generations of our people and observe one of our most sacred traditions: the Passover Seder. But this year, we ask with renewed interest: 

Why is this night truly different from all other nights? Why is this Passover different…